Riad Gallery 49

             Riad Gallery 49 realised a unique concept in Marrakesh. It is a traditional guest house that can accommodate guests in three tidy and tastefully decorated rooms. The Riad has a beautiful and welcoming spa dedicated to relaxation with a steam bath Beldi, Jacuzzi and a massage room.

       Riad Gallery 49 is the perfect place where Moroccan art and traditions meet. It is also a privileged and exclusive boutique where visitors can have a crush on a mosaic table, silver jewelry and Moroccan mirrors.

              Thanks to its unique concept and uniting all Moroccan facets, Riad 49 Gallery will inspire you.

Riad Gallery 49 : 49 derb Dkak Quartier Bab Doukkala
Mobile : +212 (0) 661 19 55 18 Mail : Riadgallery49@gmail.com